“The Fun In Forever” Shooting Sit In

Well today was an interesting day for sure.

I was given the rare opportunity to sit in on the filming of Teresa Palmer’s latest movie titled “The Fun in Forever”. Star of such films as ‘Love and Honour’ and soon to open ‘Warm Bodies, Teresa is down in her hometown of Adelaide, yet again to film scenes for her latest project with boyfriend ‘Mark Webber’. This marks the first time that these two have collaborated professionally.

As Teresa is involving her real life friends and family, I was allowed the privilege of observing the filming for a couple hours in Red Square on Hindley Street thanks to my sister’s close friendship with the Hollywood heartthrob.

During my time there, I not only sat in on the filming process but also had the pleasure of meeting both Teresa once again and Mark for the first time who just happen to be two of the most genuine and honest ‘celebrities’ I have ever come across. Whilst being at one of Adelaide’s most popular night clubs, I witnessed the filming of a few club and dance scenes, showcasing Teresa’s closest friends and beau Mark Webber.

Receiving a backstage look into the ever so peculiar world of film was a true treat and a rare experience and one that will surely not be forgotten any time soon.

With “The Fun in Forever’ on track to premier at the Sundance Film Festival sometime next year, I will most definitely keep an eye out for any future news surrounding the film couple in the lead up.

All the best to them!



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